How to Add Music to Your Instagram Notes

Adding music to Instagram notes significantly enhances the platform’s user experience by allowing individuals to infuse personal touches into their messages through music. This integration transforms simple messages into engaging, melodious interactions.

What Are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes are brief, 60-character messages displayed at the top of your contacts’ direct message feeds for 24 hours. With the addition of music, these notes can now convey more emotion and personality, making every note you send a more poignant communication.

1Open Instagram and access direct messages.Prepares the interface for a new note.
2Tap the ‘+’ to start a new note.Opens the note editor.
3Select the music note icon and choose a song.Allows you to add a selected piece of music to your note.
4Preview and select a 30-second clip, then share.Your note is personalized with music and ready to send.

Why Add Music to Instagram Notes?

Music adds a layer of depth to your messages, allowing you to communicate more than just words. Whether to reflect your current mood, evoke nostalgia, or simply share a favorite tune, incorporating music makes your notes resonate more deeply with recipients.

How to Make Your Notes Stand Out

To make your Instagram Notes stand out, adding music is a creative and effective strategy. Here are the steps to personalize your messages with music:

  1. Navigate to the direct message section and initiate a new note.
  2. Use the music icon to find and select a song that suits your message’s tone.
  3. Customize your note by selecting a specific part of the song to share, enhancing the personal feel of your message.

Tips for a Harmonious Note

Choosing the right music for your note can significantly affect how your message is perceived. Consider the mood you want to convey and select a song that complements your message, enhancing the emotional impact of your note.

Enhancing Your Message with Music

Ultimately, the ability to add music to Instagram Notes provides a dynamic way to personalize your social media presence. It’s not just about the words you write; it’s about the feelings you evoke. Make your notes sing with the right music and see how much more engaging your interactions become.


Is the music addition feature available to all users? Yes, anyone with an Instagram account can add music to their Notes, bringing a unique flair to their messages. Can I customize the music in my notes? Absolutely, Instagram allows you to select a specific 30-second segment from a song to perfectly match your note’s tone. Do music notes also expire after 24 hours? Yes, like any other Instagram Note, those enhanced with music will vanish after 24 hours, making each note a fleeting, memorable moment.

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