How to Forward an Email in Gmail

Instead of forwarding several emails individually, you can send them all at once as attachments in Gmail. This built-in feature allows you to manage your emails more efficiently without the need to save them to your computer. However, this option is not available on mobile versions of Gmail.

Starting the Process

To begin, access Gmail on your computer. Identify the emails you wish to forward, clicking the box beside each sender and subject line to select them. Whether it’s a single email or multiple, Gmail accommodates both.

Selecting Your Emails

After making your selections, click on the “More” icon represented by three vertical dots in Gmail’s toolbar.

Initiating the Forwarding

From the emerging menu, choose “Forward As Attachment”. This action will open a new message window, with the chosen emails attached as EML files, ready to be sent.

Composing Your Email

Compose your message by entering the recipient’s email, a subject, and your message in the body. Once your email is ready, hit “Send”. The recipient will receive your email along with the attachments.

Replying with Attachments

Alternatively, you can attach emails to a reply. Start by opening the email you wish to respond to and click “Reply”. You can then drag and drop emails into the body of your reply, attaching them as EML files. Add as many as needed before sending.

Enhancing Email Efficiency

This feature not only streamlines how you manage email communications by consolidating them into a single message, it also ensures that all relevant information is transferred without the need to forward multiple messages individually.

Select EmailsChoose the emails you want to forward.
Forward as AttachmentUse the Gmail option to attach selected emails to a new message.
Compose and SendEnter details and send the email with attachments.

Email Forwarding Made Simple

Gmail’s forward as attachment feature simplifies your email interactions, allowing you to manage your inbox more efficiently and ensuring important communications are kept together. This straightforward process saves time and increases productivity, making email management hassle-free.

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